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Joseph Gordon Levitt Net Worth 2020
Joseph Gordon Levitt is a well-known actor, singer, entrepreneur and a filmmaker. He has best been recognized for his performances made in the (500) days of summer. This is as well as the 50/50. This is what saw him get nominated for Golden Globes Award for the Best Actor. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Joseph Gordon Levitt in 2021.

Early Life & Biography

Joseph was conceived in the year 1981. His parents are Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. His place of birth is in Los Angeles, located in California. He did grow up in Sherman Oaks neighborhood. He is Jewish. The ancestors of Levitt did migrate from Poland, Russia, Romania, and Lithuania. His parents were known to be founders of Progressive Jewish Alliance. Also, his father did work as the news director for Pacifica Radio station by the name KPFK-FM. Also, his mother did run for US Congress in the 1970s. He did a study in Van Nuys High School. After completing the curriculum, he did graduate in the year 1999.

Personal Life

Levitt is a family man. He did fall in love with a beautiful lady by the name of Tasha McCauley. They got married in the year 2014. They have been blessed with two children. The first child came in the year 2015 while the second was born in 2017. The couple has enjoyed stability in their marriage.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Levitt did start his career by being part of a musical theatre group. He was only four years old. He did perform with the Scarecrow within a production made for Wizard of Oz. After a while, he got contacted by an agent, and he started to perform in various TV shows and also in commercials. Among the commercial adverts that he has appeared in, does include Cocoa Puffs, Pop-Tarts and Kinney Shoes. When he was six years old, he did feature in many television types of films. In the year 1991, he did perform as David Collins. Also, he did star as Daniel Collins in ‘Within the Dark Shadows’ in the year 1991. He has performed in multiple movies that have gone on to have super sales.

Among the awards that he has been able to win does include the Golden Globe Award in the category of the best actor. He has created an online production company; The Company was named hitRECord. It was created in the year 2014. He has been able to win Primetime Emmy Award.

Net Worth & Earnings in 2021

As of 2021, Joseph Gordon Levitt net worth is estimated to be over $35 million. This wealth has been generated from his career in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in movies that have gone on to enjoy much success. Other ways that he has made this fortune is by being a singer, an entrepreneur and a film producer.

When he was growing up, he did start to perform in various commercials as well as in the television movies. He did begin to have minor roles in numerous television shows. Among them, they do include ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Murder She Wrote.’

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